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Tonight’s KRYPTON Makes A Big Change To Superman’s Canon!


Krypton is a prequel show similar to Gotham, focusing on Superman’s grandfather. The episode that airs tonight will drop a bombshell that will put it in the running for best Soap Opera at the Daytime Emmys.









ComicBook.com has the news. They lay it out as follows:

As many fans had guessed from the beginning, it appears that Seg-El is the brother of General Zod, making him Jor-El’s half brother and Superman’s uncle.

In an early scene in the episode (seen above), Zod decides that it is time for action, and that the best course of action he can undertake is to free Doomsday from his stasis vault and use the beast against Brainiac. Lyta chooses to help him.

But when they arrive, she remembers that one needs the blood of both a Zod and an El to unlock the vault and free Doomsday. She asks him how he plans on getting Seg’s blood, and Zod says there is no need. He cuts his hand, and his own blood opens the lock.

According to Zod, he genuinely did not know who his father was prior to seeing Seg and Lyta together, but he figured it out quickly.

Tonight is the penultimate episode, with the finale airing next week. I saw the first episode of the show, and decided to wait until the season was over to binge it. Nearly every superhero show on TV has changed the canon of their characters in one way or another, but this seems like it is on a bigger scale than the usual tweaks. It will be interesting to see how Superman fans react to this. It could pay off if it makes a deeper, richer story and is not just a gimmick, but that remains to be seen.

I assume this development will be discussed maturely, with grace and poise, like every debate on the internet…

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m on SYFY.

Source: ComicBook.com


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