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REVENGE REPORT: Breaking Down Yesterday’s Big DC Rumors About Superman, Batman, and The Flash


On yesterday’s El Fanboy Podcast, I dropped a bunch of nuggets about Superman, Batman, and The Flash that I now see are making the rounds on the web. Since I know that not everyone listens to podcasts, and since I don’t want anything I shared to get misinterpreted or misrepresented, I’m going to highlight everything in written form here.

Firstly, it should be noted that I made crystal clear that none of these things are scoops or exclusives of mine. What I did on yesterday’s show was pass along what I heard from a WB source of mine when I asked them about some other people’s reports; Namely Collider’s recent rumor about Superman’s expanded role in the DCU, Borys Kit and Umberto Gonzalez’s recent assertions that Flashpoint has been reverted back to a solo The Flash movie, and general whispers I’ve been hearing that Ben Affleck is officially out.

With such big claims making the rounds, I thought it prudent to reach out to some people I trust who work for the studio and have occasionally shared intel with me. They don’t tend to help create rumors, because they don’t want to get in trouble. What they prefer to do is simply Confirm or Deny any scuttlebutt going around the web to help quell bogus rumors before they spread everywhere.

So let’s go beat by beat on what they said regarding Superman, The Flash, and Batman:

Man of Steel 2

This was the biggie. There have been reports going around lately that Henry Cavill’s Superman is going to become the glue of the DCU. I asked if there was anything to that and they said there absolutely is. They say they’ve been hearing about all kinds of big plans for Superman, and that the studio is trying to line everything up for not only cameos in other DC films, but to have him finally (finally!!) get a proper sequel in theaters in 2020.

As such, they’re meeting with directors, and they’re allowing Cavill to have a say in who gets the job. Pretty nifty, and- personally- I think that bodes well for Christopher McQuarrie. Just sayin’.

The Flash / Flashpoint

On the reverting of Flashpoint to simply The Flash, thus nixing a film that would’ve been another big crossover spectacle on par with Batman v Superman, I was told that’s true. As they put it: “Flashpoint is toast.”

I go into great detail about what a bold and important decision that is on the podcast.


With regard to Ben Affleck’s future as Batman, this insider has always erred on the side of caution. They always say that things seem to be going a certain way, but they’re always careful to add “But that could change.

Not this time.

During this conversation, things were very decisive. When characterizing Affleck’s future in the role, they alternated between terms like “Toast,” “Gone,” and “Done.”

No hedging of bets this time, which I found very telling.

What’s It All Mean?

As I stated several times on the show, I’m only comfortable sharing this stuff as mere gossip (“bochinche”) and rumors. This is Hollywood. Things shift, change, and evolve all the time.

But what’s at the heart of all this is what I think is most important, and that’s that Superman has become a top priority to DC brass, that they’re shying away from big crossover events in favor of steadily building towards a big event down the line, and that the idea of Affleck being gone has never been more widespread and expected than it is at this very moment; even people who work for the studio are adamant he’s done.

Hope you got something out of all this. I know I did, and that’s the belief that the DCU franchise is moving confidently towards the future instead of trying to “fix” the past or repeat old mistakes.

Oh, and that they’re finally going to give my boy Superman his day in the sun.

Thanks for reading!


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