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Who Are These Guys?

A Note From The Founders:

Mario-Francisco Robles and Jon Crabtree

MFR has been a professional writer since 2013, covering all things geek for sites like Moviehole, IGN, The Splash Report, and- most notably- Latino-Review. His passionate and insightful takes on things have inspired a dedicated following- one that he’s continued to cultivate through his weekly show, the The Fanboy Podcast. Yet, while he’s only written about these things since he was 30, he discovered he was a geek when he basically snapped into consciousness one afternoon in 1987 at the Elmwood Theater in Queens, watching Superman IV: The Quest For Peace at age four. Everything prior to that moment is lost in the ether. Everything after it is why he loves movies and superheroes.

Jon Crabtree is a financial analyst at a Fortune 500 company by day, MBA student & family man by night, influencer business blogger by later that night, and nerd-culture commentator by even later that night. Through all of that, Jon has an insatiable urge to watch movies, listen to audiobooks, and write about himself in the third person.

When asked what they want RTF to be, here’s what they came up:

Revenge of the Fans is a nerd-leaning news, analysis, and enjoyment project. The site was started in early 2018, in the dark days before anyone on the Internet had anything to say about comic book movies or pop culture. The site was the idea of Mario-Francisco Robles, a man with his finger on the pulse of the comic book movie industry, and Jon, a person who we aren’t completely sure isn’t a figment of Mario’s imagination.

While they come at all of this from a place of love and fun, it’s important for them to make RTF a place where fans can be heard by creating a site that lives and breathes with its readers. We’re at a fascinating point where Geek Culture has never been more popular, and where fans’ hunger to be heard has never been more insatiable. Welcome home.”

News Department

Matt Vernier (@Iceman525)

Associate Editor, Reporter

“Arthur Fonzarelli, better known as ‘Fonzie’ or ‘The Fonz’, was played by Henry Winkler for the full 11 year run of the show Happy Days. He is also the only one who can hit the jukebox at Arnold’s and make it work. He has a verbal tic around the word “wrong”, sometimes he can say it, but other times, he just makes noises. He does not want anything bad to happen to his hair.”

Jonathan Brady (@VirgilTHeart1)


“Jonathan Brady is an independent filmmaker who has worked on several indie short films over the years (Assistant Camera on 1994 A.D., Production Designer on The Wrath of Calvin Michaels and Don’t Ignore Me) and writer. Aside from being an avid fan of comic book heroes such as Batman and Spider-Man, Jonathan is also an enthusiast for the films of Denis Villeneuve, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki and Stanley Kubrick. He currently resides overseas.”

Phillip Sticco (@Roland843)


Jason Ruiz (@Capd_Crusadr376)


Editorial Department

Adam Basciano (@SuperheroSciFi)

Critic, TV and Comics, Podcaster

“I grew up on cartoons like He-Man and The Masters of The Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My favorite characters are Batman and Superman.  I can’t choose one over the other.  My fascination with Batman began at four years old, watching Batman and Robin reruns,  before my mind was blown with Tim Burton’s first Batman film.  With Superman, my first real exposure was Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, though, it was Superman: The Animated SeriesSmallville that lit the fires of my passion for the Man of Steel. My favorite movie is Batman Begins.  In addition to contributing comic book review columns here, I also cohost my own podcast titled Tales From The DC MulTVerse: The Podcast and am writing two creator-owned comic books.”

Tony Artiga (@TonyArtiga007)

Critic, Film

Thomas L. Kelly (@WriterTLK)

Columnist, Film, Podcaster

Jeremy Scully (@JScullyComics)

Columnist, Comics, Podcaster

“A former master class assassin, running multiple clandestine organizations. He now writes articles about comic books for RTF and creates his own comic book series on Patreon. You can also find him on RTF’s own video game podcast, The Play It LOUDcast.”

Podcast Talent

Chris Lisanti (@RealClmighty)

Podcaster, Contributor

“A lover of film and television, when Chris was a kid he used to sleep in Underoos with his favorite Superheroes on them. Thankfully he grew up and now he sleeps in the adult pajamas with his favorite superheroes on them. A punk rock geek to the end, Chris has a deep love of not just superheroes, but also Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf (yes, he’s that much of a geek), as well martial arts and action movies, especially really bad action movies (talk to him about Jeff Speakman and Don “the Dragon” Wilson and he will be your friend for life). Now, he gets to share his thoughts on all of these wonderful things, and many others as a contributor at Revenge of the Fans and as the co-host of The Fanboy Garage podcast.”

Aaron Virola (@StartingSith)

Podcaster, Contributor

“From sitting on his father’s lap watching the original trilogy of Star Wars to pulling a bunch of friends together to create their own comic book in middle school, Aaron Virola has been a geek as far back as he can remember. As the years have gone by, his love for entertainment, especially for comic book movies in both the Marvel & DC universes, Star Wars, TV, comics and more including reminiscing on a variety of pop culture genres, have grown to gargantuan levels. Now, he’s the co-host of The Fanboy Garage podcast and a contributor at Revenge of the Fans, where he shares his thoughts and views on a variety of entertainment topics.

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