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Episode 15 has arrived and it comes with a bang as Brandon and Doc Isak cover the action packed sensation that is Black Lagoon! From Revy’s bad-ass antics and 90’s references to Rock’s downward spiral journey through the depths of the criminal underworld; we share our love for Roanupur’s favorite shipping company by covering the entire series as whole. Including the OVA’s that comprise Roberta’s Blood Trail. Black Lagoon is yet another masterpiece by Madhouse that is filled with interesting characters and tense scenarios that leave you wanting more.
So, PRESS PLAY and join our band of pirates as we share the spoils of the awesomeness that is Black Lagoon!
– Full Review of Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage and Black Lagoon: Robert’s Blood Trail
Black-Lagoon-750x437 2
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