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THE FANBOY 100: ‘Spidey’s (Second) Homecoming, Feige To A Far Off Galaxy, JOKER Chatter, DC TV FTW, and AEW Dynamite’


For the 100th episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles keeps it simple. There were a lot of interesting bits of news and notes that came out of this week, from all over geekdom, and he touches on a ton of it.

From Kevin Feige getting to make a Star Wars movie, to Spider-Man returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after an apparent split last month, to Todd Phillips’ zeigeist-grabbing DC flick Joker, MFR has plenty to work with this week.

Then add in that the Arrowverse’s upcoming DC TV event, Crisis on Infinite Earths seems to be the greatest gift to DC fans right now, and how both The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey have offered updates lately that confirm whispers he’d shared with you previously, and you’ve got a stacked show.

But as if that all wasn’t enough, he closes the show talking about a trip he’ll be taking to Washington D.C. next week to see the first-ever AEW Dynamite, as wrestling becomes the most exciting it’s been in over a decade. He’s got plenty to say about why it’s important for AEW to succeed, and how they seem to have set themselves up for many successes. He also speculates about who one of Chris Jericho’s mystery partners can be (and it would change…EVERYTHING).

You can listen to Episode 100 of The Fanboy Podcast, titled “Spidey’s (Second) Homecoming, Feige To A Far Off Galaxy, JOKER Chatter, DC TV FTW, and AEW Dynamite’” right here:

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