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Road To The Final Season: SUPERNATURAL Season 5 Review


General warning! There are spoilers for Supernatural season 5 below. Check out the reviews I’ve done for previous seasons HERE. I have seen most of the seasons of Supernatural, so I will be talking about how future seasons are set up, so just be forewarned!

Supernatural season 5 picks up right after season 4, with Lucifer coming out of his cage after Sam (Jared Padalecki) kills Lillith to break the final seal. He, Dean (Jensen Ackles) escape due to the grace of god, and discover they are the foretold vessels of Lucifer and the archangel Michael, who are supposed to fight to the death and cause the apocalypse, and therefore kill millions of people. This season follows Sam and Dean teaming up with Castiel (Misha Collins) to try to defeat heaven and hell’s intentions. The brothers are truly tested against each other, and are trying to prevent the other from agreeing with their respective archangel. Because as we learned, angels to possess someone must have permission from that person.

We lose Ellen and Jo this season *cries*, and Anna turns against the boys after conversion from heaven. Castiel tries to find god, only to find he won’t help resolve the apocalypse, while the boys fight the four horsemen. The trickster is revealed to be an Angel, the archangel Gabriel to be specific, and he regains his faith in humanity because of the boys. He loses his life because of it, but not before he tells Sam and Dean how to send Lucifer back to hell. Each horseman wears a ring, united, they open a portal to the cage Lucifer has been in for a millennium. Sam and Dean succeed in gaining all four rings, and Sam lets Lucifer possess him, because he believes he can take back control and jump in when the gate is opened. This succeeds, but at the cost of losing Bobby, Castiel, and Adam, their brother resurrected by Zachariah.

Love proves more powerful than angels, as Sam does manage to take control from Lucifer. He shoves him and Adam (controlled by Michael) into the cage, and a resurrected Castiel revives Bobby and heals Dean. They all go their separate ways, Castiel to rule heaven, and Dean returns to Lisa and Ben, both thinking Sam is gone. But Sam is watching Dean on the night he goes to Lisa.

Mark Pellegrino kills it as Lucifer. He plays the devil perfectly, almost appearing sympathetic in times, to convince us that his intentions are pure. He flips the switch instantly to be the controlling type, manipulating the four horsemen who are close to an even better addition to the mix this season.

The enormous parallels between the destinies of brother angels, (and an obvious absent god[aka another parallel to the Winchesters]) and the brothers Winchester continue this season, and reach their breaking point. Sam and Dean start off not trusting each other, but in the end, a memorable episode, Dean commits to trusting Sam, and their relationship. Dean could have given up on Sam, but ultimately the relationship of brothers wins out. Ackles and Padalecki really get into my emotions this season. There’s some great scenes, that can take you on a roller coaster. Especially when Jo and Ellen die. I cry. Every time.

The end of the season broaches another topic altogether. Yes, television typically follows one season with the next. But the first five seasons of Supernatural were so interlocked. Where does it go from there? A lot of people thought this would be a good stopping point for the show. But the revival of Bobby and Castiel brings an opening for something new. Especially with Bobby’s soul locked up in a demon deal, and Castiel clearly being dead. Speaking of Castiel, he is moving along in his humanity rather well. Especially in episodes like where Famine is the villain, it’s just cool to see Castiel move in to a fallible state.

This season has very few fluff episodes. Each episode is well used to get to the end, the apocalyptic battle for Supernatural. I really have no complaints other than one. When Dean kisses Jo, it just felt like it demoted her from a more important character, to just another one of the girls he sleeps with. She’s been like a little sister to him over four seasons. I get the kiss on the forehead, but straight up kissing her just irks me. Sure she had a crush on him. But the most important part of their relationship was the mentorship he provided to her. He knew she was off limits, and that made Dean a better person!

Great season, ending a five season arc of the show. Supernatural season 5 is a highlight season, but the best has yet to come! Especially season 6!

Big Bad of the Season: Lucifer/The Four Horsemen

Number of Times Impala Was Destroyed in the Series: 1

Number of Times Sam or Dean Dies in the Series: 8

Overall: A

I’m going to be hitting all of the seasons for a review this summer in preparation for Supernatural‘s final season! There might be an editorial here or there or a favorite characters list as well, so stay tuned as we hit the Road to the Final Season of Supernatural in our Impala, here at Revenge of the Fans. Let us know what you think of Supernatural season 5 on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!


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