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Levi Talks Future SHAZAM! Films (And That BLACK ADAM Crossover)


While David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! didn’t exactly light the box office on fire when it hit theaters this past spring, it was still a strong addition to the DC Universe and remains one of the more unique superhero blockbusters to hit theaters in recent years by ironically channeling a more old school approach in the vein of Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films. Needless to say, a sequel is already underway that lead star Zachary Levi claimed last month should begin filming sometime next year.

At a recent panel at Germany’s CCXP Cologne convention, Levi teased more of the future of Billy Batson and his adopted family of superheroes.

He explained:

The truth is, I don’t really know anything… I know that I’m gonna have a conversation with my bosses pretty soon about what the idea is and where we’re going with the new movie, but all I really know is that New Line, our studio, and Warner Brothers, our parent studio, and DC, and our producers and executives and everybody who’s involved in all of the decision making, they’re all very happy with what we did. They want to do even better the second time around, and they are crafting a story right now as we speak about what that sequel is going to be.

Levi also gave fans an idea of what internal plans are at Warner Bros for his Shazam to eventually come face to face with Black Adam on the big screen (to be played by Dwayne Johnson). He added, “I can say that as far as I know, Black Adam is not going to be in the second Shazam!, because the idea is that they want to go and do a standalone Black Adam movie first. And then it would kind of be, if we do a third Shazam! and a second Black Adam, kind of [parallel] like that, that’s where we would [meet].

Considering that the core cast of Shazam! is comprised of younger actors, it makes sense that the studio is acting fast to continue the franchise and planning ahead past the first sequel for what they want to do with that corner of the DC world.

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