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Tim Miller Discusses TERMINATOR: DARK FATE


There is a narrative surrounding all reboots, remakes, and sequels which is: “Do we really need this? Why can’t we have something new?” While that question isn’t entirely without merit, the fact is, these things make money, and show business is a business first, and a show second. One of the big movies of this year will be Terminator: Dark Fate, which is the 6th film being made, but the 3rd in the story, as the movie is choosing to ignore everything after Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Tim Miller, who also directed 2016’s Deadpool understands where some people are coming from with franchise fatigue, and told Variety that played into how he approached this.

If I was a nerd, and I am, I always imagine reading about plot or story and how I would feel as a fan. I can be objective that way, like I did with “Deadpool.” When I read online when we announced the film, “‘Terminator 6’? For f–k’s sake, why don’t they let it die?” I understand where those people are coming from. If it’s not great, then we’ve had enough. 

Jim [Cameron’s first 2 Terminator] movies are grounded in reality and character and just happen to have time travel and robots. I’m wired the same way. I want to give the audience a story about Sarah and these new characters and make everything else as realistic as possible. I want to sit in the audience and believe that this s–t could happen to me. That’s how I’m approaching it.

Miller also discussed Mackenzie Davis’s character, and how Dark Fate puts a new spin on the Kyle Reese “protector” role.

Joe [Abercrombie, author of the First Law series] came out with this idea that a new protector from the future is a machine fighter. It’s a painful life, and they’re scarred and take a lot of drugs to combat the pain of what’s been done to them. They don’t live a long time. It’s a very sacrificial role; they risk death to save others. And from the very first suggestion it was always a woman. We had to look for someone who has the physicality, but I’m very sensitive to actors. I didn’t just want a woman who could physically fit the role but emotionally as well. Mackenzie really wanted to do it; she came after the role. She worked harder than anybody.

That is a very tortured existence, and could resonate with people if done correctly. Even with the return of Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Davis was the most interesting part of the trailer for me.

Not one to mince words, Miller also commented on the whiny misogynists who complained that a movie, which is anchored by one of the most bad ass female characters in motion picture history, has too many women in it, and that the casting of Davis was just a PC thing.

If you’re at all enlightened, she’ll play like gangbusters. If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the f–k out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine. We did not trade certain gender traits for others; she’s just very strong, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early s–t that’s out there, trolls on the internet. I don’t give a f–k.

Never change, Mr. Miller. You’re the best.

Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters November 1st.

Source: Variety


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