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RUMOR: SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Required To Clear $1 Billion For Marvel Studios To Retain Control


One of the biggest triumphs of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was when Feige negotiated a deal with Sony to bring Spider-Man home, where he belonged. It was the third version of the character in less than 20 years, but he was finally done correctly, and the character was right where he should be.

The good folks over at Slashfilm reported on a statement in Richard Rushfield’s entertainment industry newsletter The Ankler, which said that Spider-Man: Far From Home had to clear one billion dollars at the box office in order for Marvel Studios to retain creative control. If it didn’t, Sony would regain control for the future. (Hence why we’ve posted a candid shot of a Sony exec visiting Box Office Mojo this morning as the main image for this post)

As far as geeky pop culture news goes, this is colon clenching, Pepto Bismol chugging, anxiety inducing news. (In the grand scheme of things, it is minuscule, yes.) But let’s take a step back and look at the good news.

First off, the movie made nearly 600 million dollars in its first week, so there is a better than not chance that it gets to a billion. Secondly, Sony would be absolute fools to not want to extend the deal. Even if they retained Holland, they would have to essentially reboot his universe, since they no longer would have any MCU properties at their disposal. No more Stark influence. No more Thor mentions. No more supporting MCU characters. All they would have left is Tom Hardy’s Venom, and that would make the movie a turd…in the wind.

It was reported that Holland had six movies on his Marvel/Sony contract. Three standalone Spidey films, and three appearances in other MCU movies. He has done two standalone Spidey films, and has appeared in three other MCU movies already, so he only has one left on this current contract.

With the impending arrival of San Diego Comic Con, and D23 soon after, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new deal was announced. To me, it is a win for both sides. Cinematic Spider-Man has never been better, and last time Sony tried to reboot the character by themselves, it was a disaster (in my opinion, of course). That was a while ago, but Venom wasn’t, and I was not a fan of that movie either. I shudder to think of a world without Spider-Man in the MCU anymore, and I am hoping it doesn’t happen.

It feels like there is more going for Holland’s version of the character to stay in the MCU, then it does any other scenario. But this business of show is a weird one, so you never know.

Besides, Spider-Man: Far From Home set up things that need to be paid off in many different ways in the future, so I think Feige and Co need to visit the Sony offices and say four simple words:

Source: The Ankler via Slashfilm


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