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THE AMATEUR OTAKU EP. 10 – Talking Heroes w/ MFR (My Hero Academia Ep. 1-4)

Otakus, big and small! The day has finally arrived! The dream has come true!
Join The Amateur Otaku as we talk all things superheroes and anime with the one and only MFR (Mario-Francisco Robles), the Editor-in Chief of, co-host of The Revengers Podcast and host of the one and only, The Fanboy Podcast. On this entry, we explore the first four episodes of the anime/manga phenomenon that is My Hero Academia as we get to know MFR’s love of heroes and share in his newfound love for this anime’s wonderful take on the genre.
We also spend time talking about one of our favorite subjects in superheroes: Superman! This is the one episode you will not want to miss!
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So, press PLAY and ENJOY the newest edition of The Amateur Otaku Podcast!
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Intro and Outro music (Sora ni Utaeba) Opening No. 3 of My Hero Academia is credited to Amazarashi

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