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Scream And Shout For This Trailer To Rian Johnson’s KNIVES OUT


Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned “Whodunnit”? Rian Johnson’s first post-The Last Jedi movie is just that, and it is jam packed with an all-star cast. Check out the trailer for what could be the best movie of the year, right here:

You can watch Knives Out while eating trout. Or drinking a stout. Or even while enjoying some sauerkraut. Knowing about this film will give you clout. It is a movie you will want to tout. Make it part of your Thanksgiving day plans, how about? Even if you are on a road trip, you can make it part of your route. You will enjoy this regardless if you are a housewife or a boy scout. Knives Out will be on my end of the year Top 10 list without a doubt. This film will end the “original movie” drought. After you see it, praise is the only thing you will spout. Your allegiance to this movie will be devout. If you can’t see this for some reason, you will probably pout.

Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Lakeith Stanfield, Michael Shannon, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Christopher Plummer, Riki Lindhome, and Katherine Langford all star in this treat for the eyes.

I’ve said previously that the upcoming Dune movie has the best cast in recent in history. But Knives Out will give it a run for its money. The trailer gives just a glimpse of the eccentric characters gathered for a birthday party before things go wrong. Murder On The Orient Express with Johnson’s sensibilities? A less campy, but still sarcastic update of Clue? Sign me up right now!

Does anyone have Rian Johnson’s PayPal information? I want to give him money just for letting me watch this glorious trailer. If the only thing going for Knives Out was another American-Southern performance from Daniel Craig, that would be worth the ticket price alone. (His turn in Logan Lucky is one of my favorite performances of the decade). But we are getting that and so much more. I mean, we get to see Chris Evans say “eat s**t5 times! Captain America would be aghast at that sort of language.

Knives Out hits theaters this Thanksgiving. So you will automatically have something to be thankful for this year.


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