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SWAMP THING Might Become A Movie Thing


One of the most anticipated live-action shows over on the DC Universe app was Swamp Thing. The aesthetics looked incredible, and the pilot was received extremely well. Then it was swiftly canceled. The exact reasons why are still muddy. Everything from budget to tone were cited as reasons. While that incarnation might have dried up, the character might show up on the big screen now instead.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that there is some “internal chatter” about putting the character on the big screen. There are no concrete plans, or anything official happening with it. They remark that it is very early in the process, so that means nothing could come of this. But WB was inspired by the fan reaction to the cancellation, and wants to continue the character in some form.

And it kind of makes sense, if one of the reasons that the series got the axe was that it was cost-prohibitive. Because while it’s hard to justify the production of multiple seasons of a very expensive show for a service that’s still finding its legs, it’s much easier to justify that expense if it’s for a blockbuster film- which could make back its budget in a single weekend.

Swamp Thing — Ep. 105 — “Drive All Night” — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The cast of the TV show or a continuation of the story told on the DC Universe app isn’t supposed to continue on the big screen. It would be a clean break, and a new story. But it is expected that James Wan will stay involved, which makes sense. He is currently developing a horror-based Aquaman spinoff, and produced the Swamp Thing TV show. He is in the DC business, and DC seems to want to stay in the James Wan business.

There were reportedly creative differences happening with the show. It was being developed as a straight up horror series, while WBTV wanted a procedural thriller, something that would feel at home on The CW in the Arrowverse. Without the involvement of WBTV, Swamp Thing can get the full hardcore horror treatment.

There is definitely room on the big screen for Swamp Thing. It’s not just Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman‘s game anymore. Smaller properties are getting attention. A standalone Joker adventure, a Birds Of Prey team-up flick, and a horror movie based off of one scene in Aquaman are happening too. So this is the perfect landscape to bring Swamp Thing back to the big screen. (It had a big screen adaptation in 1982 from Wes Craven). It is just a shame what had to be sacrificed to possibly get it there.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting


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