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BLACK WIDOW: Ray Winstone Joins The Cast, And What Kind of A Prequel Is It?


Most of us know by now Black Widow is long gone in the present day era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite that fact, Scarlett Johansson is in the midst of filming her first solo movie for the MCU’s first female hero, Black Widow, which will be one of the first movies for Phase 4 of the MCU. Variety has a scoop on an addition to the cast of Black Widow. Ray Winstone has joined the prequel film in an as-of-yet undisclosed role. And since the production is in full swing, Kevin Feige has shared some new insight into the production.

iO9 spoke with Kevin Feige while he is out promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home on how going back in time for a prequel to the Natasha we know could help move the story forward for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“There’s a method to the madness. There’s always a method and doing things in an unexpected way is, something we find fun. There are ways to do prequels that are less informative or answer questions you didn’t necessarily have, and then there are ways to do prequels where you learn all sorts of things you never knew before.”

“I look at Better Call Saul as a wonderful example of a prequel that almost completely stands on its own apart from Breaking Bad because it informs you about so many things you didn’t know about before. So time will tell which way we’ve gone with a supposed Black Widow movie. [Chuckles]”

To me it honestly sounds like Marvel is choosing to go with Feige’s latter take on the prequel concept. Especially with the Better Call Saul reference. To me it almost seems like they’re going to tell the story from Barton’s perspective, maybe almost like he’s telling Nathaniel about his namesake. They tugged at our heart strings with Natasha’s story in Endgame, and they might be going for it again.

And, as of now, Winstone’s role remains a mystery. Much like this picture:

Ray Winstone

SOURCE: Variety / iO9


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