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Todd Phillips Shows A New Image Of JOKER And Confirms R Rating


I still find it a little hard to imagine, but Todd Phillips’ Joker is just around the corner! With only another three and a half months left before it hits theaters, the time seems ripe for a new trailer for Joker. Especially considering that Warner Bros have already announced that they don’t plan to attend Hall H at San Diego Comic Con this year, which would normally be the obvious place and time to release a new trailer. In the meantime though, Phillips has taken to social media to reveal a little more about the film!

In a recent discussion with fans on Instagram, Phillips confirmed that Joker will be rated R by the MPAA when it hits theaters come October. Phillips stated, “It will be Rated R. I’ve been asked this a lot. Just assumed people knew. Sorry.

Additionally, Phillips shared a new photo of lead actor Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role on his Instagram page, saying, “Finishing touches.” Take a look at the photo below!

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Finishing touches.

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Assuming this is an actual scene from the film and not just a simple Behind-the-Scenes photo of Phoenix preparing for the role, this photo depicts future Clown Prince of Crime Arthur Fleck in the middle of putting on his clown makeup. It doesn’t really reveal anything about the film’s plot, but it is yet another glimpse at the film’s tone. Much like the first trailer that hit the Internet back in April, this photo points towards Joker having an austere and bleak atmosphere.

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