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The Play It LOUDcast: Ep. 38 “E3 2019 Preview + One Year Anniversary!”


Brett, Robb & Jeremy bring all the news, rumors, leaks, wishes, predictions & hype leading into E3 2019! And it’s the One Year Anniversary of the show! Yay!

We are pleased to also announce that you can watch this episode on the Official Revenge of the Fans YouTube channel!!! This is a big THANK YOU to YOU our loyal listeners! Thank you for your support as we continue to evolve, improve & provide more varied content!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@btmiro, @RobbMoreiraVO, @JScullyComics & @PlayItLoudRTF) as we’ll be live-tweeting during the conferences and posting off-the-cuff thoughts throughout E3! We’d love to chat with you and hear your thoughts as well, so make sure to tag your posts with #E32019 #LOUDcastE3 to help us keep it all organized and easier to find and respond to your tweets!

***Post-E3 Wrap-up Ep. 39 coming June 12th!*** 

A quick run-down of what the Triforce of Gaming tackles:

  • Google Stadia
      • Tech/Hardware
      • Games
      • Pricing

E32019 Conferences

  • EA
        • Jedi: Fallen order
  • Xbox
        • XCloud
        • Anaconda & Lockhart (Scarlett)
        • Games
        • Gears 5
        • Halo Infinite
        • Fable?
          • Do we expect to see anything from newly acquired studios? Could anything be ready?
  • Bethesda
        • DOOM Eternal
        • Wolfenstein Youngblood
        • Fallout 76
        • ESO
        • Arcane Studios?
        • Tango Gameworks?
        • Confirmed: NO Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI
  • Ubisoft
      • Not at E3, but let’s talk about Beyond Good and Evil 2 deets/art
      • No AC; skipping release this year
      • Watch Dogs Legion
      • Ghost Recon Breakpoint
      • Splinter Cell?
      • Prince of Persia?
      • Skull and Bones?
      • Surprise collaboration with Nintendo? (Mario + Rabbids 2)
  • Square-Enix
        • Marvel’s Avengers
        • FF7 Remake
        • Babylon’s Fall (w/ Platinum Games)
        • FFXVI?
        • Nier?
        • KH3 DLC?
  • Nintendo
        • Zelda: Link’s Awakening
        • Luigi’s Mansion 3
        • Pokemon Sword & Shield
        • MUA3
        • Mario Maker 2
        • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
        • Astral Chain (Platinum)
        • Bayonetta 3 (Platinum)
        • Smash DLC Fighter(s)
        • Animal Crossing
        • Retro Studios Mystery Game (Star Fox GP?)
  • Third Party
      • Dying Light 2
      • Cyberpunk 2077

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Brett Miro

Brett is a passionate, excitable and avid consumer of Comics, Movies, TV and Video Games. He has an extensive background in acting, directing, producing and music composition. He's also a lifelong gamer and die-hard Nintendo fan. You can catch him audibly every Monday & Tuesday on 'The Play It LOUDcast' @PlayItLoudRTF and 'The Revengers' @TheRevengersPOD respectively. Talk to him on Twitter @btmiro

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