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SWAMP THING Cancelled, Theories Abound, The DC Universe Responds


Back in April, red flags shot up when reports broke out that production on the first season of DC Universe‘s latest series Swamp Thing would be ending early and that the initially planned thirteen episode long season would be truncated to ten episodes. At the time, Warner Bros and the streaming service calmed fans’ fears by releasing the first teaser for the show and quickly regained momentum for the premiere of the pilot episode with two additional trailers. The pilot episode premiered last week to critical acclaim and seemed to strike a chord with many audiences subscribed to the DC Universe streaming service.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for that hype to be kneecapped. According to new reports, Swamp Thing has been cancelled.

An initial report from The GWW claims that the decision seemingly boiled down to Warner Media and AT&T executives not caring for the show’s horror-driven tones and were more keen on something bearing a closer resemblance to the shows airing on The CW.

When Deadline chimed in, they cited murmurs that the new leadership at WarnerMedia was, simply, “not particularly high” on the series.

However local news reporters from Wilmington, North Carolina, where Swamp Thing was filmed, indicate that the primary reason for the show’s premature cancellation came down to money. Namely that the production had been promised around $40 million in tax incentives to film there, and once a clerical error was caught and that number was reduced to roughly $13 million, the production had to be cut short.

For their part, the DC Universe has released a statement via the Community section of the service that aims to address the situation. Here’s what they said:

“A million thanks for your patience. We understand this has not been an easy time for you as fans, and I will do my best to provide you with a satisfying answer. The full 10 episode season of Swamp Thing will continue to air on DC Universe with new episodes released weekly. There are no current plans for a Season 2. We appreciate there are questions as to ‘why,’ but unfortunately we are not in a position to answer at this time.”

Personally this breaks my heart in a few ways. Obviously I’m upset that a show with a ridiculously promising pilot was sent off to meet its maker far too soon and that interest in the remainder of Season 1 will likely dwindle fast now that fans know it’s already cancelled. However, on a personal note, I have friends in that area that were excited to finally have a big project to work on, after most of the East Coast film scene moved further south to Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s notable that in their direct address to fans, the DC Universe opted to phrase it as “There are no current plans for a Season 2,” because that opens the door for plans to change. So maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for the series.

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