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THE AMATEUR OTAKU: ‘When Anime Meets Video Games- Pt 2, w/ Robb From The Play It LOUDCast!

The Amateur Otaku is pleased to share the epic conclusion of “When Anime Meets Video Games” with episode of their podcast. With the release of the first-ever live-action Pokemon movie, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu; Isak and I believed it was fitting to make the Pokemon franchise the focus of this entry, since said franchise has been a staple of both anime and video games throughout its 20-year history. We talk all things Pokemon and discussed Detective Pikachu in both a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled fashion. Don’t worry, if you haven’t seen the movie just yet; we let you know when to press pause before we dive into spoiler territory. In an effort to bring this series to a close with a bang, we reach out once again to the Triforce of Gaming for assistance and are joined by hardcore gamer and Pokemon fan; Robb Moreira from The Play It Loudcast! So, press play and join The Amateur Otaku in part-two of “When Anime Meets Video Games”.
In this episode, you’ll find:
-Welcome, Robb (An introduction)
-Our history with the Pokemon Franchise
-Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Spoiler Free discussion
-Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Spoilers, thoughts, theories and more
-Theories of where live-action Pokemon can go from here
Press Play and Enjoy here:
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We also encourage you to check out Revenge of the Fans fantastic Video Game podscast, The Play It Loudcast! Helmed by the Triforce of Gaming (Brett Thomas Miro, Robb Moreira and Jeremy Scully); they cover a variety of news topics from the gaming world, the games that they are enjoying, listener questions and more. It is one of my weekly pleasures and they definitely deserve your attention! You will not regret it. 
Thank you for listening and have it awesome!
Robb Moreira is an amazing voice-over actor with plenty of awesome commercial, videogame and animated projects under his belt and even more on the horizon! Check out his stuff here and keep a look out for an awesome project that he is cooking up for Revenge of The Fans! You won’t want to miss it.
Intro Music (Pokemon Elite Four Medley (GameBoy Style)) is credited to El Diabeetus.
Outro Music (Pokemon Blue-Title Screen) is credited to Composer Junichi Masuda, Developer Game Freak and Publisher Nintendo and The Pokemon Company

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