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THE AMATEUR OTAKU: ‘When Anime Meets Video Games- Part 1′ w/ Brett From The Play It LOUDCast!’

Calling Otakus and Gamers of all ages!
The Amateur Otaku is proud to present this special two-part edition of our podcast titled: “When Anime Meets Video Games”. With the desire to bring two of our greatest passions together, Isak and I have organized a selection of anime mini-series and/or feature films based on video game properties that span multiple eras and genres gaming. But for an endeavor as grandiose as this one, we understood that we needed the assistance of Revenge of The Fans’ Triforce of Gaming and enlisted the help of the one and only Brett Thomas Miro from The Play It Loudcast! We breakdown these selected titles in the midst of laughter, banter, rants and glorious ideas. So, press play and #EmbraceTheChesse as the Amateur Otaku gets #Brettconned in part one of “When Anime Meets Video Games”
In this episode, you’ll find:
-Welcome, Brett! (An Introduction)
-“Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle” (1993) based on the popular fighting game franchise from SNK, Fatal Fury.
Image result for fatal fury 2 the new battle banner
-“Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins” (2016) A CG-Anime Prequel to Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero.
Image result for star fox zero the battle begins banner
-“Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood” (2016) A prequel mini-series to Square Enix’s latest entry to their beloved RPG franchise that spans 30+ year run, Final Fantasy.
-“Fire Emblem: Mystery of The Emblem” (1996) A two-episode OVA based on the acclaimed strategy-RPG franchise, Fire Emblem.
Press Play and Enjoy here:
Hoping that this episode will spark interest in the titles that we discuss in this episode, we have added the link to each of the selections. They are all on Youtube and are very easy to find and enjoy. 
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Thank you for listening and have it awesome!
Music for intro and outro for this episode is credited to BlueNcTrn – Final Fantasy XIII – Blinded By Light (8-Bit Remix)

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