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RUMOR: Quentin Tarantino & Jerrod Carmichael To Write A DJANGO/ZORRO Film?


Quentin Tarantino certainly knows how to stay busy! The acclaimed director recently released a new mini-series cut of his 2015 film The Hateful Eight on Netflix, has teased the possibility of making a new Star Trek film and just so happens to have his all-new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hitting theaters later this summer too. However another one of Tarantino’s pre-existing films seems to be on his mind lately; 2012’s Django Unchained, which Tarantino is reportedly interested in releasing a longer director’s cut of the film at some point, though that seems to only be the beginning of what he has planned.

Collider reports that Tarantino has recruited Jerrod Carmichael to co-write a Django/Zorro film, based on a crossover comic series that Tarantino made as a sequel to Django Unchained. Set several years after the events of Django Unchained, the comic series has Django encounter an aged Diego de la Vega (more commonly known as the masked hero Zorro) and agree to act as Diego’s bodyguard and joins him on a mission to free a local community from slavery.

The site notes that their multiple sources on the story differ from one another though on whether Carmichael is writing the script on his own with input from Tarantino or if he is co-writing it with Tarantino and potentially another currently known screenwriter. Additionally it is currently unclear if Tarantino will direct Django/Zorro himself or if he will produce it and personally select the filmmaker that will bring the script to life.

Personally I’m intrigued at the possibility of revisiting Django. It’s been over six years already, but I think it’d be fun to see Jamie Foxx in the role again and playing off a charming, older iteration of Zorro. [Editor’s Note From MFR: “I’ll flip out if they get Antonio Banderas to play the aged Zorro.”]

This all lends itself to the idea that Tarantino is intrigued by the idea of combining his unique sensibilities with a much larger, established IP. Last year, the big conversation was “Tarantino Wants To Make A Star Trek Movie?” And now he’s looking at something that involves Zorro. The filmmaker seems like he’s on a kick where he’d like to try his hand at something that skews a little more mainstream.

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SOURCE: Collider


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