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SUPERMAN: McQuarrie Says He Was Never Approached For MAN OF STEEL 2


While it’s fair to say that the past few years have been a bit rough for fans of the World’s Finest, I think it is equally valid to point out that Batman is having an easier time getting back on track than Superman is. While it took almost two years to confirm that Ben Affleck was indeed out of the Cape and Cowl, the vacancy was short-lived with The Batman director Matt Reeves having recently selected Robert Pattinson as the new Dark Knight. Meanwhile Man of Steel star Henry Cavill remains stuck in a “Will he, won’t he” cycle that he likely has little to no say in.

It’s a far cry from the excited murmurs that circled fans of Clark Kent about a year ago, when rumors were rampant that Cavill was in the middle of hashing out a new contract and wanted to bring his Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie on to helm Man of Steel 2. Obviously that didn’t pan out and according to McQuarrie himself, he was never asked to begin with. He tweeted, “Exclusive: They never asked. They never will. Carry on.

And this comes a week after director Matthew Vaughn said that not only was he no longer in the running to helm any kind of Superman film, but that- as far as he knows- the Man of Steel sequel he’d taken meetings for at the end of 2017 is officially not happening.

I have to admit, this feels like a rather depressing time to be a Superman fan. Who knows at this point when the studio will green light a new solo film for the character, regardless of Cavill’s involvement or not? Granted we know that the studio was in the midst of working on a new Supergirl film as of last fall, so perhaps fans can at least take solace in seeing Kal-El’s cousin on the big screen and hopefully see more of the Man of Steel’s cast of characters and lore properly brought to life?

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