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Harrison Ford Says INDIANA JONES 5 Begins Filming This Week!


When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they bought all of its properties, not just Star Wars. One of those properties is Indiana Jones, and it was announced that Lucasfilm was bringing Steven Spielberg back to direct a fifth Indiana Jones movie.

The movie was scheduled for this year, only to be pushed back due to Spielberg’s schedule. The project has changed writers a couple of times, and nothing more was known about it other than it will still star Harrison Ford.

Ford was at the premiere of The Secret Life Of Pets 2, in which he voices a fearless dog named Rooster. While there, he gave Variety an update on Indiana Jones 5.

“[It] should be starting to shoot sometime next week. I’m looking forward to it. Things are coming along well.”

Now, this could be some pre-principal photography, like establishing shots and things like that. But if footage of any kind is being recorded this week to be seen in Indiana Jones 5, then that means Ford will be gearing up to put on the fedora again here shortly.

It will be interesting to see what he story turns into. Will any of Jon Kasdan’s script be used? Is the Fogelman rumor true? Will Karen Allen or any other franchise alum return? Will George Lucas be involved in any capacity? Will the movie set up future spinoffs or prequel installments? There are a lot of unknowns.

Oh, and the biggest- and most serious- question of all:

Will he be rocking the epic beard he had on at this weekend’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge event in those scenes that may apparently be filming next week?

2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was met with divisive reactions. With Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade having a perfect ending of our heroes literally riding off into the sunset, Crystal Skull left a bad taste to some. Maybe Indiana Jones 5 will close the franchise in a more satisfying way.

I’d like to see a grown up Short Round return to the franchise. Not that I need a spinoff (though, there is always the potential for a Disney+ series), but it would be cool to check up on him again. If this is Indy’s swan song, I hope it is a strong one.

Source: Variety


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