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Joel Kinnaman Set To Return As Rick Flag In THE SUICIDE SQUAD


Another day, another reason for Hollywood executives to be more mindful when tossing around words like “total reboot.” There has been a fair amount of quips made over the word in the past couple of months due to the return of several actors from David Ayer’s 2016 film Suicide Squad for its followup The Suicide Squad (directed by James Gunn), after a producer attempted to distance the two films. From Margot Robbie and Viola Davis to Jai Courtney, quite a few of the key players from the 2016 original have confirmed their return and the door remains open for Will Smith to reprise his role as Deadshot down the line too.

Now actor Joel Kinnaman has announced his return to the franchise as its straight man Rick Flag. In a new post from his Instagram, Kinnaman stated, “At the range with my great friend and teacher @kevinlvance and Lele the Italian stallion. Easing into that squad preppppp…. thanks @tarantactical for letting us use the range!

Personally I have no strong feelings about this news. I don’t recall having any issues with Kinnaman’s performance in Suicide Squad. Much like Jared Leto’s brief turn as Joker in the film, I feel like Kinnaman wasn’t really in a strong position to impress audiences as Flag. Tom Hardy among many other A-List actors were considered for the role, but due to scheduling conflicts and changes to the script, Kinnaman won out. However, considering how many newcomers are set to debut in Gunn’s followup, perhaps Flag won’t be back for long? That’s all just speculation for now though. So until then, we just have to wait and see how his return to the franchise pans out when The Suicide Squad hits theaters in 2021!

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