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Writer Updates Us On That BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA Remake (Or Is It A Sequel?) With Dwayne Johnson


On last Friday’s episode of The Fanboy Podcast, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with screenwriter Zack Stentz. His credits include Thor, X-Men: First Class, The CW’s The Flash, and the just-released Netflix coming-of-age action adventure, Rim of The World. During our conversation we touched on a number of cool topics, from the Superman movie he’d love to write with Christopher McQuarrie, to the Booster Gold film he turned in a script for. Along the way, we also touched on Big Trouble in Little China.

If you’ll recall, it was announced last year that Fox was developing a remake of the cult classic Kurt Russell film from 1986- which was directed by the one and only John Carpenter. The remake was set to star Dwayne Johnson, which instantly put it on the radars of many fans who love both the original movie, and the superstar known as “The Rock.”

Then in late August of 2018, Johnson’s manager said the project wouldn’t be a remake, after all. That would become the last update we’d get on this new Big Trouble In Little China, because with the sale of Fox to Disney, many of Fox’s plans went into limbo.

I asked Mr. Stentz about the project, since he’s attached to it and I wanted to know what he could offer up about the film- and he pretty much confirmed that it evolved into a legacy sequel, instead of a remake.

Here’s what Stentz said about Big Trouble In Little China:

I’m not sure what’s happening with that. We turned in the script. They said they were happy with it. I’ve now heard rumors that they might be going in a different direction. We made- my ex partner (Ashley Edward Miller) and I- wrote a straight up remake, where Dwayne Johnson is playing Jack Burton. I think, after spending time with Kurt Russell, on the set of the last couple Fast and The Furious movies- I think some conversations may have taken place, and I think they might be coming around to the idea that it’s going to be more of a sequel than a remake, and that Kurt would come back as an older Jack Burton and Dwayne would be playing a new character.

And what about the Disney factor here? Did the merger affect the film? Stentz sure seems to think so.

But as far as I know, they haven’t commissioned writers, and they haven’t- kind of- moved forward on that, simply because of a combination of Dwayne being booked for the foreseeable future, and the fact that it’s a Fox movie and the sale to Disney has kind of thrown a lot of things into chaos and uncertainty.

So there you have it, folks. That’s the latest on a new Big Trouble in Little China. It was originally a remake, then became a legacy sequel like last year’s Halloween (or the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate), and then seemingly slipped into development purgatory when Disney bought out 20th Century Fox.

Are you hoping the project comes back to life? If so, which incarnation would you like to see it take shape as- a remake or a sequel? Or does none of this matter to you until Dwayne Johnson finally makes that darn Black Adam movie for DC Entertainment? Sound off below!

And if you haven’t heard the full conversation between Stentz and I from The Fanboy Podcast yet, I suggest you do. He offered all kinds of updates and insights on topics ranging from Marvel’s Phase 1 to the rebirth of the X-Men franchise, to his Superman movie dreams, and an update about Booster Gold.


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