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Top 5 Candidates To Play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN


1. Morena Baccarin

Full disclosure: Our list concludes with my firm favorite.

It’s not just that she looks almost exactly like she was drawn by Darwyn Cooke. It’s not just that between Firefly, Stargate, Gotham , The Flash, Justice League and Deadpool she’s amassed more goodwill in the fan community than almost any living actress. It’s that she’s the only actress on this list who has actively petitioned for the part!

While doing press for Deadpool 2, the 39 year old fan favorite actress let slip in an interview with Cinepop that she’d love to play either Catwoman or Poison Ivy… And then came the fan art!

Just looking at her, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see her rubbing elbows with Gotham high society… Even as she conspires to rob them blind. She’s an accomplished and seasoned actress who can bring the confidence that’s intrinsic to the role of Selina as well as the emotional range to get us to invest in the character.

In a perfect world, I can imagine Ms. Baccarin having phenomenal on-screen chemistry with Ben Affleck’s Batman. Nonetheless, I believe she’s more than capable of striking up a great screen rapport with whoever winds up behind the cowl.


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