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Top 5 Candidates To Play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN


3. Olivia Wilde

If we want to talk comic book accuracy, Olivia Wilde could be to Catwoman what Ben Affleck was to Batman. Standing at 5’7″ just like Selina she also has a lithe physique and piercing green eyes that would be perfect for Gotham’s premier anti-heroine.

But there’s more going for Wilde than a physical similarity to the character. It’s not just that she’s beautiful (it’s Hollywood after all), there’s something captivating about her screen presence. The daughter of two prize winning journalists, Wilde has an intelligence that shines through in her performance.

Fun fact: Her stage name is an homage to legendary Irish wit and raconteur Oscar Wilde.

Her work on House demonstrated that she could veer from icy cold to vulnerability in a frame and her eclectic catalog of performance shows a range that would make for a rich and multifaceted Selina Kyle. And her turn in the (unfairly dismissed) Tron: Legacy shows that she’s more than capable of handling herself in action scenes.


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