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Top 5 Candidates To Play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN


4. Ana de Armas

Anyone who saw Blade Runner 2049 is already in love with Cuban actress Ana de Armas who lent her ample charm and ethereal beauty to the role of Joi, K’s holographic AI life mate.

De Armas brought terabytes of sincerity to that role as well as a pair of the most compelling eyes in Hollywood. Yet the actress also has an inherent mystique that would lend itself very well to the role of Catwoman.

What’s more, there’s a contingent of the fan base who have long campaigned for a latina Selina Kyle. It’s not just a diversity issue. Canonically, Selina Kyle is half Cuban (the other half may or may not come from Italian American gang boss Carmine Falcone). A Cuban Selina would lend a little more representation to an ethnic group that sorely needs to see more of itself on screen.

At 31 she’s of a similar age to Robert Pattinson (assuming he is, indeed, our Dark Knight) and could easily be aged up or down to occupy prequel territory or the current DCEU timeline.


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