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THE FANBOY: ‘MFR Goes Full Geek With Screenwriter Zack Stentz!’


For this week’s episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host and Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles secured a very special guest. He was instrumental to one of the pillars of Marvel’s Phase One, as well as to the X-Men franchise’s rejuvenation with First Class; He’s written for The FlashTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; He’s got a new film arriving on Netflix today (Rim of The World) and is attached to write both Booster Gold and Big Trouble in Little China; He’s Mr. Zack Stentz.

MFR goes full geek, covering a laundry list of topics you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of superhero movies- including:

  • The process of writing Thor during the purchase of Marvel Studios to Disney, and what he was asked to do to help set up The Avengers (and the thing he pushed for that made a huge impact on how we met one of the series’ enduring stars)
  • The psychology of Loki, the MCU’s first great villain who was introduced in Thor
  • What went into writing X-Men: First Class, and how it feels to watch Fox’s X-Men franchise come to an end with Dark Phoenix
  • His inspiration for his new film Rim of The World
  • He offers updates on his DC film project Booster Gold, as well as the upcoming remake of (or is it a sequel to?) Big Trouble in Little China
  • MFR gets him to elaborate on the dream Superman project he’d love to write: An adaptation of All-Star Superman with Christopher McQuarrie. He dishes on who he’d cast, and why that story matters to him

It’s a loaded conversation.

Aside from the interview, which begins at the 8:08 mark and concludes at 36:28, MFR circles back to last week’s episode- which received a tremendous response, to update and cap off a topic that really struck a nerve with many of you.

Also covered on this episode are our EiC’s thoughts on the Game of Thrones finale, the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, and why HBO is the cream of the crop (which veers off into a story he’s never shared about the time he almost landed the most random job ever).

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