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THE BATMAN: The Villains Potentially Revealed


We’ve had big potential The Batman news this week. Robert Pattinson being named the frontrunner for the role of Bruce Wayne, and now a potential list of villains has been released. The Hollywood Reporter reports via the Heat Vision blog that the Batman casting process is still ongoing, but “deep talks” are being had. Batman is the most important IP, or intellectual property Warner Bros. owns right now, according to them. And what’s a Batman movie without an epic rogue or two?

In regards to the villains list, they report Penguin will definitely be a part of the production. They say that Catwoman will also join the roster, or at least make an appearance. Those are the two base villain characters they mention, but they do also report that the villains roster could include as many as a half a dozen baddies! Matt Reeves is still fleshing the script out, but he did tweet this picture last fall:

It has two Catwoman costumes, a Riddler costume (who our friends at Batman on Film were recently teasing), and a Penguin costume in it. It’s a telling sign of what he’s looking for to include in the 1990s era Batman movie. So who could the other three villains be?

I’m very interested in seeing Catwoman come to the screen. Anne Hathaway played a great Catwoman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, and I’d like to see that success continue for the character. I’ve never seen much of the Penguin, other than the Gotham version of the character. It’ll be interesting to see a different take, one part of the Rogues Gallery Reeves intends to create. If Joker succeeds, I’d love to see Joaquin Phoenix make an appearance, but that probably won’t happen- and isn’t the plan as of now, since it’s being considered an Elseworld tale. But stranger things have happened.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

What villain would you like to see as part of The Batman‘s cinematic Rogues Gallery? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on The Batman as we have it!


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