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THE AMATEUR OTAKU PODCAST: The Promised Neverland Season One Wraps Up, One Punch Man Season One Recap and Top 3 Anime Openings

After an unexpected hiatus, The Amateur Otaku Podcast is back! There is a lot to unpack here as season one of The Promised Neverland comes to an end and the newest season of One Punch Man has officially started. In this edition, Isak and Brandon wrap up their discussion on The Promised Neverland and dive into their thoughts of why One Punch Man is such an important show by revisiting its first season in preparation for future coverage of season two on the pod. in this episode you’ll find:
– What we’ve been watching
– Spoiler Review of The Promised Neverland’s Season Finale
The Promised Neverland
– Spoiler Discussion of One Punch Man Season One
– Final Topic: Top 3 Favorite Anime Openings
Listen to the episode here!
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