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RTF Review: DOOM PATROL S1, E14 – Penultimate Patrol


With the help of Flex (Chandler Long) and Danny the Street, the Doom Patrol enter the White Space to rescue the Chief from Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk). But Nobody offers them a deal that’s hard to resist.

Official Plot Synopsis – Penultimate Patrol

This is the review for the penultimate episode of season one of Doom Patrol, Penultimate Patrol. If you’re interested in reading a review for the previous episode, Flex Patrol, click HERE.

Whoa, man, whoa!

This episode just knocked all my expectations out of the water with the confrontation with Mr. Nobody, and upping the weirdness factor. First of all that ending, I was totally expecting The Chief’s (Timothy Dalton) involvement in the group getting their powers. I expect the next episode, Ezekiel Patrol to deeply expand upon his involvement and why he did what he did. Theoretically we’ll also get a closer look as to what his power truly is, whether it’s the immortality or something else.

I love the team. I absolutely 110% love this team. They work incredibly well together right now. I love every minute they’re together. Well, except for that first awkward five minutes I spit my coffee out at.

(Mom, I know I told you that you and daddy would love this show but you can’t watch this episode. I’m sorry!)

There are some neat callbacks in this episode. We see Negative Man and Rita Farr finally don their comic-like costumes, and we finally hear the word “boo-yah”. We revisit each of the characters right before they got their extraordinary powers, and see them finally truly accept themselves. This show is all about accepting who you are, no matter how you got to where you are and I love it. I absolutely love it.

The script is fantastic, each moment is perfect.

Character of Focus: Mr. Nobody

Overall: A+

If you’re interested in Doom Patrol, and haven’t had a chance to check it out, the first episode of the season is up on DC’s YouTube channel for free right now, so check it out! Season one finale is next week, what do we think is going to happen? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for more on Doom Patrol!


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