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THE FANBOY: ‘Batman Confusion, The Joker Script, Bloggers Suck And Toxic Fandom Does, Too’


Following a night of mixed signals about Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Mario-Francisco Robles is here to recap it all and break it down for you. He shares where he stands on this confusing situation, as well as with his old report about Armie Hammer being on the verge of becoming the next cinematic Batman. He also sounds off on the controversy this week surrounding the script for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie, and shares some insights he’s gathered this week about the corruptive nature on hardcore online fandom- be it bloggers or mere fans.

It’s a loaded show. An introspective one, too. Because maybe it’s time to start rethinking things.

You can check out Episode 96 of The Fanboy Podcast, titled “Batman Confusion, The Joker Script, Bloggers Suck And Toxic Fandom Does, Too” right here:

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