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SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME: Tom Holland Says Peter’s Motivation Is ‘Love’


***Note: There will be spoilers about Spider-Man and other MCU characters from Avengers: Endgame in this article. If you have not seen it yet, please bookmark this page and comeback after you experience it!***

The events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame will change the life of young Peter Parker forever. As you can see from the trailer in the rapidly approaching Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter is distraught over the death of Tony Stark. Peter went through something traumatic himself. He died and then came back the same age, when the rest of the world is 5 years older. There are many ways a person could handle that sort of traumatic event. But Peter’s way is what makes Spider-Man so human. He’ll handle it with love.

Talking to ComicBook.com, Tom Holland had this to say about where Peter’s head is at in Far From Home.

He’s very much love-driven in this film and taking a break This film is all about him trying to take a break, but the responsibility of being Spider-Man always taking over, which is quite funny, because the first film we were really keen to show Peter Parker enjoying his powers and really wanting to be Spider-Man.

Love, of course, will be shown in more than way. It his love for MJ, who he wants to tell his feelings to. Its his love for his surrogate father Tony Stark, who sacrificed himself so Peter could live. Remember, Tony was against figuring out time travel and the quantum realm until he saw that picture of Peter Parker. I’m sure the love in the movie will extend to Aunt May, Ned, and the rest of the people he cares about who went through their own version of the ordeal.

Peter wants time to clear his head and figure all of his feelings out on vacation, but of course, Spider-Man can’t have a vacation.

“Now we have Peter Parker, who still loves the aspects of Spider-Man, but just needs a break, just needs a holiday like everyone does at times,” Holland added. “And that’s not possible when you’re a superhero, and you have responsibilities to save lives. So, it’s an interesting balance of, kind of watching a kid do his homework. That’s kind of how I’m describing it.”

This will be Holland’s 5th time playing the character, though two of those times were essentially cameos. It is nice to see them find new depth and layers for a character everyone is familiar with. It sounds like Spider-Man Far From Home will give all of the heart, humor, emotion, and spectacle we’ve come to expect from an MCU flick. I just hope it being so soon after Endgame doesn’t hurt it.

Source: Comicbook.com


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