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RTF Review: DOOM PATROL S1, E12, Cyborg Patrol


With Vic captured by the Bureau of Normalcy and being held at the Ant Farm, his father, Silas Stone (Phil Morris) hatches a plan to break him out with the rest of the Doom Patrol.  As you can imagine, not everything goes according to plan.

Official Plot Synopsis – Cyborg Patrol

Cyborg Patrol follows directly after the previous episode, Frances Patrol (which I reviewed HERE), so make sure if you haven’t checked that episode out yet you do!

This episode focuses on Cyborg extensively, though we do have our Doom Patrol crew finally working together as a team. Cyborg has slowly been becoming less and less stable over the previous episodes, and he reaches his breaking point in this one, hence the title Cyborg Patrol. Cyborg himself is relegated really to a less prominent role, but every scene he’s in is great. Joivan Wade really excels as Cyborg, and portrays the inner struggle between man and machine absolutely fantastically.

My favorite part of this episode has to be the team moments. Negative Man (Matt Bomer/ Matthew Zuk), Robotman (Riley Shanahan/Brendan Fraser), Rita Farr (April Bowlby), and Jane (Diane Guerrero) all kill it working together to rescue Cyborg. The episode ups the weirdness factor with a new strange… monster, the butts, which clearly are a huge terror machine. Mr. Nobody makes a stunning return, and just really heightens his psychotic nature. You can sense the climax building for the final episodes. I love Alan Tudyk, he really brings the villain together.

The emotional turmoil really takes a turn in the final moments. Wade pulled at my heartstrings with that final scene. I was in tears. So much so I was shocked when the episode ended. I couldn’t and still can’t believe they ended the episode on such a cliffhanger.

Main Character of Focus: Cyborg

Overall Grade: A+


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