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Box Office: AVENGERS: ENDGAME Takes #1 Again, and Becomes #2 Film of All Time Globally!


It should come as no surprise that Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame has taken the top spot for the second weekend in a row with $145.8. Its domestic haul is now a massive $619.6 million. After breaking multiple records in its first weekend, Endgame just barely missed breaking the second weekend record of $149.2 million set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. However, it should be noted that the current number for Endgame is just an estimate, and it’s still possible it could end up beating The Force Awakens when the actual numbers come in tomorrow.

In another milestone, Endgame crossed the $2 billion mark worldwide this weekend, bringing its global total to $2.188 million. Yes, Avengers: Endgame, after only about ten days of release, is now the second highest grossing film of all time worldwide!

(Sorry, not sorry, Titanic.)

A few new movies debuted this weekend, and, believe it or not, people actually peeled their eyes away from the Avengers for a few hours to see them.

The Intruder, starring Dennis Quaid, Meagan Good, and Micahel Ealy, opened at number two with $11 million. The thriller didn’t do too well with critics, but these types of films are usually critic proof. Also, with a budget of a scant $8 million, it’ll be hard for this film not to be at least a little profitable.

Long Shot, the new comedy featuring the improbable coupling of Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, entered the charts at number two with $10 million. I thought this was going to hit number two, but I guess audiences weren’t feeling it. Personally, I usually like Rogen’s stuff, but this just didn’t appeal to me.

UglyDolls, about a bunch of dolls finding inner beauty or something, opened at number four with $8.5 million. It probably wasn’t the best idea to open a family movie the week after the biggest movie of the year. Avengers has always been a family friendly franchise, so I’m not sure what STX was thinking. Maybe they thought they could get the really young kids, who are too young for Marvel just yet?

After jumping back up to number two, Captain Marvel fell three spots to number five with $4.2 million. Its domestic total is now at $420.7 million.

That’s it for this weekend. Next week we get the release of Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith. This may have enough interest from fans to unseat Endgame in the top spot.

What do you think? Will Avengers: Endgame finally be the movie take the global top spot from Avatar? I certainly hope it does. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Here’s the full top ten. As always, worldwide numbers include the domestic takes, so if you need to know what the international numbers are you’ll have to break out the calculator.

Rank Title Weekend Take Domestic Total Worldwide Total
1. Avengers: Endgame $145,804,000 $619,698,638 $2,188,698,638
2. The Intruder $11,000,000 $11,000,000 N/A
3. Long Shot $10,025,000 $10,025,000 $13,325,000
4. UglyDolls $8,510,000 $8,510,000 N/A
5. Captain Marvel $4,276,000 $420,768,018 $1,120,068,018
6. Breakthrough $3,948,000 $33,224,512 $41,040,363
7. The Curse of La Llorona $3,500,000 $48,100,003 $103,500,003
8. Shazam! $2,450,000 $135,193,790 $355,593,790
9. Little $1,474,000 $38,584,325 $46,084,325
10. Dumbo $1,433,000 $109,709,592 $338,709,592

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo


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