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RUMOR: Dan Fogelman To Write Brand New Draft Of INDIANA JONES 5 Script


It has been quite some time since fans last heard any news on the fifth Indiana Jones film, which will see director Steven Spielberg and lead star Harrison Ford return for what will almost certainly be their final adventure with the iconic history professor who moonlights as a mythic treasure hunter in his free time. Last summer it was reported that Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jon Kasdan had been brought onboard to pen the fifth adventure of Mr. Jones, but according a new rumor, it would appear that Spielberg has moved on to a new screenwriter who might be starting from the ground up.

Making Star Wars reports that Cars and This Is Us writer Dan Fogelman has been tapped to as a new writer for the script to Indiana Jones 5 and that their sources believe that Fogelman’s premise is different from that of the existing Kasdan draft. So far exact details on Fogelman’s new script are non-existant, but the site adds that the Kasdan draft seemingly revolved around the legend of the Wałbrzych Gold Train. The train was supposedly full of Nazi gold, weapons and other various artifacts and vanished near the Polish city of Wałbrzych.

Personally I’m not sure what to think of the news. The rumored details of Kasdan’s script sound intriguing to me and there was a certain amount of hype and interest baked into his involvement with the film due to his father being the man who wrote the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark back in the early 1980’s, so the idea that Spielberg is starting over from scratch with a new writer and story has me a bit befuddled.

Granted, this seems to still be veering in rumor territory for now, so let’s wait and see how things develop from here. Slashfilm had reached out to their sources, who claimed some of the details are inaccurate, but not knowing what makes any of this possible.

What do you think? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Making Star Wars


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