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Vincent Cassel Joins Cast Of WESTWORLD Season 3!!!


With HBO at the halfway point of the final season of its hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, it’s worth remembering one of the network’s other popular genre shows that fans are waiting for the next season: the hit science-fiction series Westworld. Last year it was reported that Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul had joined the cast and a rumor surfaced that Antonio Banderas was a candidate that the showrunners were interested in for their new big bad. While it was never confirmed whether Banderas had joined the show, fans now know that another actor has!

The television network has announced that actor Vincent Cassel has joined the cast of Westworld as a new villain for its third season. However they have yet to provide exact details about the character. Perhaps this might be the same big bad that the showrunners were originally hoping to cast Banderas for?

Showrunners Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy commented in a joint statement, “We’re incredibly excited to work with Vincent Cassel. We’ve been longtime fans of his and are thrilled for him to join the Westworld team.

Personally I am not very familiar with Cassel as an actor, having never really watched any of the Ocean’s Eleven films. Personally I know him best for his cameo in the original Shrek as the voice of Robin Hood and that hilarious musical number he had with his Merry Men, as well as the male lead in Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 psychological horror film Black Swan. It’s been a few years since I last watched that film, but I have no reason to doubt his credentials as an actor so hopefully fans really enjoy his performance in the next season of Westworld!

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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