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Dwayne Johnson Is Teasing A Meeting With Marvel Studios (And What Does That Mean?)


It was probably inevitable. At some point, two of the hottest things in Hollywood were going to collide: Dwayne Johnson and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And now that seems to be on the horizon. Or at least the possibility of it.

See, Johnson is currently attached to a different superhero universe: The Worlds of DC. He’s been set to play Black Adam there for quite some time, and was actually out talking about finally filming that movie a few weeks ago. As we reported at the time, he claimed that Black Adam should film in “about a year.”

That was mere weeks ago, following the successful opening weekend for Shazam!– a film he served as a producer for.

And yet now here we are, with Johnson celebrating the successful opening weekend of another movie that features a Captain Marvel, and he’s dropping hints that he likes the smell of what the folks who gave us Avengers: Endgame are cooking.

Here’s what he said in one of his frequent Instagram posts:

“Look what you guys did, Kevin. Congrats, and I know our assistants have been trying to get us together for dinner for months now. We’re both super busy boys and I look forward to our schedule linking up.”

The Kevin he’s referring to is Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. And that’s notable because Feige isn’t some wide-ranging film producer with a very diverse portfolio and slate of films coming up. Feige only makes Marvel movies. So if they’re trying to meet up, it’s absolutely to discuss a way for the megawatt superstar to come to the MCU.

DC fans shouldn’t panic just yet, though. This doesn’t mean that Johnson is abandoning ship, or suddenly not going to be Black Adam in the Worlds of DC. People have meetings in Hollywood all the time. It’s part of the culture. They like to kick the tires on things, bounce ideas around, and see if there’s money to be made.

So these remarks are not something you can run to the bank with.

Though I should add that there are some things to consider, which is why I’m going to finish with some of my own analysis. So this next part is not news; It’s food for thought. If that’s your thing, click on over to the next page. If it’s not, thanks for visiting (and come back because there are plenty more stories on the way today and every day!)


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