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Nick Frost And Simon Pegg Will Adapt Fantasy Franchise RIVERS OF LONDON


Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have made beautiful, hilarious art together. They co-starred in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy and have a production company called Stolen Picture. It is through Stolen Picture that their next project is happening, and it’s called Rivers of London.

Deadline reports that the duo will adapt Rivers Of London into a TV show.

The Rivers of London series follows Peter Grant, no relation to the infamous Led Zeppelin manager, an ordinary police constable turned magician’s apprentice as he solves crimes across the British capital with a blend of urban fantasy, mystery thriller and fantasy caper.

The premise sounds fun. The first book is called Midnight Riot in the US and finds Grant solve a murder whose only eyewitness is a ghost. That sounds like something I would very much like to see Pegg and Frost star in as well.

Frost talked to Deadline about adapting the series for television.

“Suddenly we were in a position where I said ‘there’s this book that I loved’ and it became available, more or less. I was chuffed to bits that I could get the rights to make it into a TV show. Everyone wants to potentially find the next Game of Thrones and the chance to turn Rivers of London into an eight-hour movie and hopefully find someone who will financially back that is a real draw.”

It is a real credit to what the medium of television has become for them to want to do a series of episodes, instead of a trilogy of movies or something like that. Long form television could be better for book adaptations, as you have more time for the smaller details.

The author, Ben Aaronovitch, will serve as executive producer. He was initially hesitant to use the medium of television, but the talent involved convinced him otherwise.

“I’ve worked in television before so I was wary of sticking my head back into that lion’s den. It was a difficult thing to sell so that it wouldn’t get horribly butchered, and television up to now has had a lot of difficulties. [But] how could I say no [to Pegg and Frost]? I feel confident on several levels. I’m working with creators and I know these people don’t like bollocks. There will be creative conflicts and where external forces force us to make compromises but I know that the starting point is that we won’t make those compromises unless we have to. [Simon and Nick] are tremendous nerds and I don’t have to explain things to do them about magic, they just get it. we have a common language, which we don’t have in a lot of TV companies.”

A strong premise, with strong talent, and the original author who will be involved with the day to day stuff that can “make up stuff that is canon“? Sign me up.

Rivers Of London is expected to start filming this year.

Source: Deadline


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