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RTF Review: ‘DOOM PATROL S1, E11- Frances Patrol’


While Larry pays a visit to his lost love, John – both in real life and in the Dreamscape – Cliff travels with Rita down to Gator Country to reconnect with his daughter, Clara, after 30 years.  Meanwhile, Jane and Vic pursue the “Hero of the Beach” aka Flex Mentallo.  But Vic’s worried that his operating system (Grid) might have its own agenda.

Official Plot Synopsis -Frances Patrol

This is the review for Doom Patrol‘s Frances Patrol. If you’re interested in reading the review for the previous episode Hair Patrol, click HERE.

I would just like to point out an absolutely beautiful quote from this episode before we get anywhere: “Here’s to the good things that make no sense.” This show is one of the weirdest shows I have ever seen, but it is so beautifully written, and it dives so deep into its characters. Each character is developed so well to where you connect with them and you’re rooting for them 110%. They all have their issues, but those issues and how they overcome them are what make them truly special. This team makes absolutely no sense, but that’s what makes them special, what makes them great.

Victor (Joivan Wade) reaches his breaking point this episode, and it shows, especially with next week’s episode being titled Cyborg Patrol. Negative Man (Matt Bomer) has reached the point of accepting himself in this episode and it brought me to tears. It has been absolutely beautiful to see him and the spirit inside of him reach a connection. Negative Man truly looks like a different character from the first episode of the show.

Robot Man (Riley Shanahan/Brendan Fraser) gets down into gator country with Rita (April Bowlby) to see his daughter. They end up in the swampy murk, and I absolutely love those scenes. They’re so natural, and Rita, being the voice of reason after the early episodes? Yet again a character that looks nothing like who they were when they first showed up.

Main Character: The Team

Overall: A+

Four more episodes to go, are you ready to see the season end? What do y’all think is going to happen in the next few episodes? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Doom Patrol!


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