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THE REVENGERS: ‘AVENGERS: ENDGAME Predictions, Trashing First Looks, Legacy Sequels, and HOBBS AND SHAW!’


With Avengers: Endgame set to arrive in theaters this Friday, The Trinity spends the first chunk of this week’s The Revengers Podcast discussing the monumental cinematic event. From sharing where their current hype is, to who they expect to get killed off, how they think it’ll end, and where they’d like to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe go next…there’s a lot to talk about.

From there Vanessa, Brett, and MFR touch on a few other interesting topics, including:

  • The Goonies: Would it (and other nostalgic favorites) be better off getting a sequel TV series like Cobra Kai, as opposed to being remade, rebooted, or sequelized?
  • AladdinWill Smith and Guy Ritchie respond to how overly critical people are on the internet these days, and we reply by discussing that growing trend and whether it’s fair or not.
  • Hobbs and ShawThe world was just treated to its newest look at the upcoming blockbuster, and it’s absurdly over-the-top. The Trinity goes around the pike, sharing what they thought of the trailer and whether they’ll see the movie.

And, as usual, more.

The Revengers: The Official Movie and TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans is hosted by Mario-Francisco Robles, Vanessa Lee Bontea, and Brett Miro.

You can listen to Episode 49, titled “AVENGERS: ENDGAME Predictions, Trashing First Looks, Legacy Sequels, and HOBBS AND SHAW!” right here:

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