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Kevin Feige Talks How Nice It’ll Be For The X-Men To ‘Come Home’ To Marvel


In case you need to be told again: X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants (if that ever sees the light of day), will be the last movies in Fox’s X-Men franchise. Eventually they will enter a new continuity, one that has been building for over a decade. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige talked to Variety about how good it feels to have the X-Men come home.

“The specifics of what it means remains to be seen, but overall it’s wonderful and it feels like these characters have come home,” says Feige. “It will be nice to have what every other [intellectual property] holder that I can think of has, which is access to all their IP. Imagine if Donald Duck was at another studio. Imagine if Goofy or Moana were someplace else and you didn’t have access to them even though they are yours.”

It is funny that he brings up Goofy. That was the first character I thought of when Disney bought Star Wars. I was scared we would get things like Master Yoda And Goofy Go To The Beach. That didn’t happen, and regardless of your feelings towards certain aspects of the sequel trilogy, Disney let Lucasfilm be its own thing. The same thing happened to Marvel. Marvel pretty much runs itself, and Disney only intervenes when its bullied by right-wing trolls to fire a director who made horrible jokes. Luckily, that has been remedied.

We will see an all new X-Men cast, regardless of what Storm actress Alexandra Shipp says.

Ryan Reynolds will be carried over as Deadpool, but everyone else will get a fresh start. With Avengers Endgame set to change the MCU as we know it, it will be a perfect time to get some Big Mutant Energy in the universe. While everyone is focused on the X-Men, this deal also means the Fantastic Four are home too, and that is really exciting. Brad Bird is the only person to do the Fantastic Four on screen correctly, but he called them The Incredibles. To see them done right will be a treat.

Source: Variety


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