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5 Burning Questions We Have About STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER


What does that title MEAN?!?

Perhaps the biggest head-scratcher delivered by the teaser is the film’s cryptic title. While it promises that the end is just the beginning for this saga (a la The Dark Knight Rises) the title makes little sense on the face of it. Of course, anyone remotely familiar with J.J. Abrams shouldn’t be a bit surprised. The title is a deliberate attempt to provoke debate and discussion in the buildup to the film’s release.

Does the title refer to the rise of the Skywalker bloodline? Surely not. As far as we know, the name died with Luke. Unless, of course, Kylo Ren’s dismissal of Rey’s parents as “filthy junkers” is proven to be a lie. Or could there some other Skywalker out there we’ve yet to be introduced to? Mark Hamill himself recently asserted that he did not think that Luke died a virgin.

Perhaps Skywalker refers to a location; a base or even a city names after the venerated fallen Jedi? Or maybe it’s the name under which the former resistance will rally behind?

Filmmaker and uber-fan Kevin Smith has his own theory to add to the list- that Skywalker will refer to a new religion which carries forward the best aspects of the Jedi Order but eschews the detachment and hubris that caused their fall in the prequel trilogy.

All will be revealed when the movie hits theaters on December 20th of this year. A date which feels as far, far, away as that wonderful galaxy.

But what about you? Do you have any burning questions we might have missed? Or any speculative answers to our questions? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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