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DC Universe’s SWAMP THING Series Gets Its First Teaser


Earlier this week, troubling news surfaced out from the local film community in Wilmington, North Carolina regarding the upcoming Swamp Thing series set for the DC Universe streaming service. Crew members in the coastal North Carolina city were reportedly told that production on the horror show would be ending early, with the season shortened from thirteen episodes to ten total with the tenth episode having a revised ending to act as the season finale. However, whether it be an act of deflection or typical promotion, the first teaser trailer for Swamp Thing is now out!

Watch the trailer below!

There’s not much to glean from this first look at the show other than the titular character’s design and the overall mood of the trailer. Were it not for the rumors that have swarmed around the show earlier this week, I think both elements alone would be enough to get me very hyped for the show. The costume and makeup look quite remarkable and I’m always a sucker for anything with a classic horror movie atmosphere to it.

However with the troubling news having preceded this trailer, I can’t help but feel concern over the lack of narrative information in this teaser. The mood is on point, as are the visuals, but have the showrunners brought the goods with the episodes as a whole? Aquaman director James Wan is one of the executive producers on the show, and he has delivered great stuff time and time again. Unfortunately we can’t discern that yet and will have to wait for either the next trailer to come out or for the show to begin airing at the end of next month.

What do you think of the teaser though? Is the shortened episode order enough to be worried about? Be sure to comment below!

SOURCE: DC via YouTube


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