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The New CHARLIE’S ANGELS Movie Is A Continuation Not A Reboot


Elizabeth Banks is bringing Charlie’s Angels back into the pop culture lexicon. Originally a TV show in the 70s, it was continued through some campy McG movies in the early 2000s. Now Banks’ new version will incorporate both.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Banks said this about the character of Charlie:

“If you were rich in 1976, you only got richer. Charles Townsend is richer than ever, so he’s grown the business into a global spy agency.”

She went on to point out that through the iterations we’ve seen already, the characters haven’t been recast:

“All of the Angels have been played by different women and have had different names.”

And she’s right. In the McG films, his trio of femme fatales weren’t playing the same three characters from the 70s show. It sounds like Banks is going the same route, introducing us to three new Angels, instead of giving us new versions of established ones. In that sense, it means that all of the previous heroines still exist in the world of the new Charlie’s Angels.

That’s not to say that Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, or Lucy Liu from the movies in the 2000s will appear, nor will anyone from the original. (Though they could, it just hasn’t been confirmed.) It just means that those adventures happened in the past.

Banks is taking the concept and updating. “Bosley” is now a codename for a ranking in the agency. Banks is a Bosley, as is Patrick Stewart, and Djimon Hounsou.

It sounds like this will show the global scope of the spy agency. That could lead to exactly what a studio craves – a shared universe. This could lead to sequels, spinoffs, and maybe even a story where it incorporates the return of Barrymore and Co. But for now, Banks just has to deliver a great adventure. Everything else after that will follow if this one is solid.

The Angels this time around are played by Naomi Scott, (Aladdin, Power Rangers) Kristen Stewart (Twilight), and Ella Balinska (The Athena).

John Forsythe, who played Charlie in the series and the earlier movies, passed away in 2010. But Banks said his presence will be felt in this film.

“The voice will sound very familiar to you. We tried to emulate John Forsythe’s voice as best as we could. We want a real sense of continuity in the movie.”

This franchise is ripe for this sort of interpretation and growth, so it’s great that a filmmaker as talented as Banks is in charge of it.

[Editor’s Note From MFR: “This sounds like what’s going on with the new Shaft. It went from a 70s staple to an early 00s movie, to a 2019 film that combines those older iterations with a new one.“]

Charlie’s Angels hits theaters November 15th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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