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MORBIUS: Tyrese Gibson’s Role Revealed


Tyrese Gibson has potentially revealed his role in Sony’s Morbius adaptation in a hashtag of an Instagram post – Agent Stroud.

Agent Stroud’s full name is Simon Stroud, a former CIA agent in the Marvel Comic Universe who is rarely seen. He has hunted and battled the living vampire himself Morbius, and the living werewolf, Man-Wolf, a part human, part werewolf Spider-Man character. He’s had repeat appearances in the first volume of Morbius: The Living Vampire, as well as spinoff titles in Fear, Marvel Team-Up, and Creatures on the Loose where Man-Wolf was featured. Fear is monster-centric, and Stroud has only had rare appearances in Marvel Team-Up and Creatures on the Loose.

Gibson has starred in The Fast and the Furious joined the immense cast list in March of this year. The cast list includes Jared Leto, Martine Bancroft, Jared Harris, and Matt Smith. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Lucas Foster will serve on the producer team for the “Sony Marvel Characters” or SMC. That universe has one entry in Venom, and more in the works.

There is not much information on the plot for the movie, but it appears Morbius will be a horror movie with some action involved. The movie will center around Michael Morris (Leto) who is accidentally transformed into a vampire during an attempt at curing a rare blood disease. Morris is then disgusted by himself, and starts preying on the criminals of life like any good vampire. This brings him into Agent Stroud’s light and starts the hunt. The villain in this movie is Loxias Crown, and he will be played by Smith, confirming a rumor that went around in the fall of last year.

Personally, not big on Morbius myself, but that could change. I didn’t see Venom, but EIC MFR did, and he said it was “flawed, low brow fun” in his review. What about you? Are you ready to see more of the SMC? Let us know in the comments below!


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