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Kevin Feige: ‘Deadpool Is Working, So Why Would We Change It?’


The two Deadpool films that have come out so far have been a massive success for Fox, and now that the studio has been purchased by Disney the loudmouthed mercenary is looking at a change in scenery.  Yes, folks, Wade Wilson is on his way home to Marvel.  One of the biggest questions surrounding that change has been, “Will Disney/Marvel water him down? Or tweak him to fit their generally family-friendly shared universe?” We’ve been given assertions from Disney executives in the past, but now Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige has shed some light on how he views the Deadpool situation.

In an interview with Variety the Marvel Studios President said this:

“When we were purchased, Bob said to us, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,’” Feige told Variety. “There’s no question that Deadpool is working, so why would we change it?”

I must admit that is the confirmation all Deadpool fans wanted to hear.  Both Deadpool films were successful both with critics and at the box office.  Maybe that other franchise coming over in the Fox deal is a different story but Deadpool is doing just fine as is.  His fourth wall breaking is one of a kind and would make the MCU that much more interesting, if it were in fact to be joining the shared universe.  

One can only imagine what Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool would have to say to a Thor or Iron Man. This also means the R-rating for the Deadpool franchise so far will likely remain the same, so fans can anticipate the same raunchy, violent comedic adult-oriented mayhem in his films.  I guess we can go ahead and just add another win for Marvel Studios as their Merc with a mouth is coming home.  

Are you excited for future Deadpool films?

Source: Variety

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