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STAR WARS: Alan Tudyk Returning As K-2SO For Cassian Andor Show, THE MANDALORIAN Footage


Disney+’s Star Wars content is growing, with The Mandalorian premiering on November 12, a Cassian Andor show coming, and The Clone Wars season 7. The good thing for Cassian Andor is that he will have his trusty yet snarky droid by his side for his series. The prequel to Rogue One will follow Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) during the early days of the Rebellion. Stephen Schiff (American Assassin) will serve as a showrunner. Kathleen Kennedy confirmed as well that Alan Tudyk will reprise his role as the droid during the investors day meeting for Disney+. Kennedy said regarding the Cassian Andor show: “It will be a thrilling spy series set in the Star Wars universe.”

The investors of Disney also got to see some footage of The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series from Lucasfilm. The show will be available on Disney+’s launch date of November 12, and the first two Star Wars trilogies will be available as well. The show totals eight episodes, and won’t drop on Disney+ all at once like Netflix shows. Jon Favreau is the show runner for The Mandalorian, and is continuing to put finishing touches on the show. “We’re pretty deep into the heavy lifting of turning all of that wonderful photography and all of those stories into one continuous season of eight episodes,” he said.

Favreau also brought glimpses of the first footage of the Disney+ series. THR reports the clip shows the following:

“The clip shows the back of presumably the Mandalorian in a snowy area. He’s holding something in his hand, and he pockets it and walks forward. He wears armor that’s meant to look like a medieval knight. There are shots of new planets, new races, new species and new starships.”

Favreau wants the show to feel completely connected and familiar, and will bring in existing elements from canon, as well as some elements from Star Wars Legends. The footage shown to the Disney+ investors is different from what was shown this weekend at Star Wars Celebration, so it’ll be interesting to see what the general public receives.

There was more revealed from The Mandalorian over the weekend. Stay tuned for more coverage on all of this weekend’s Star Wars goodies!

SOURCE: Disney via The Hollywood Reporter


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