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RTF Review: DOOM PATROL S1, E9: ‘Jane Patrol’


“As a result of the team’s previous group therapy session, Jane retreats to The Underground, a treacherous place deep within her own mindspace. There, she encounters the various facets of her many personas and journeys to discover the dark traumas of her past.”

Official Plot Synopsis – ‘Jane Patrol’

This is the episode review for ‘Jane Patrol’. If you’re interested in reading the review for the previous episode, ‘Danny Patrol’, click HERE. This episode does contain some insinuations of fatherly abuse, throughout the episode.

This episode doesn’t do much for the season in terms of plot really. But it’s a real deep dive into Crazy Jane’s personalities, and why Diane Guerrero absolutely deserves an award for her portrayal of the character. We meet a bunch of Jane’s personalities, I would say close to half of them. Most look different from Guerrero herself, but they all match each personality Guerrero has put forth so far. To have that many actresses involved in portraying different variations of one character, and one main one that can get every character correct and on point is amazing.

‘Jane Patrol’ focuses mainly on Jane, and involves Cliff (Brendan Fraser) as the secondary character. We get to see Brendan Fraser walking around instead of just voicing this week and that’s nice. He really comes to accept himself as Robotman, and spreads his wings out. He rolls with the punches and he comes out strong after accepting himself. Jane will be beat up from this episode, it’s very telling. Especially after confronting her father.

The rest of the team doesn’t really factor in this episode. Negative Man is helpful, but the rest of the team make an appearance only to provide some sense of continuing the story. It’s not a bad episode, and I enjoy delving into Jane’s psyche, but not one of the season’s best.

Main Character: Crazy Jane and her 64 personalities

Overall: B


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