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The Amateur Otaku Presents: PSYCHO-PASS


Whether it be within a dream or while gazing into a memory, we all have an idea of what a perfect world would look like to us. It could be superpowers galore a la My Hero Academia where 80% of the population develop a power or quirk. Medical advances could reach to a point where illnesses have been eliminated and immortality is within reach. Though a lot us might have outlandish ideas like these in the depths of our imaginations; what would a “perfect world” look like? If we were to break it down to its simplest form? Most of us would argue among the lines of world peace, no more war, no more crime, no racism, no more hunger, etc. Today’s PRESENTS feature showcases an anime that explores a possible future without crime, while also exploring how society thrives under this model and the price that is paid for such an “utopia” to exist. This Anime is Psycho-Pass.


In the year 2112, Japan has become the society of the future thanks to the establishment of the Sibyl System. An omnipresent artificial intelligence and monitoring entity, the Sibyl System is able to oversee every citizens’ brain and physiological activity by means of a routine “cymatic scan” that informs it of each person’s emotional, psychological and physical state. The results of this scan generate a unique profile for each individual called a “Psycho-Pass”. These scans make Sibyl “perfectly” suited to guide each member of society to the roles in which they will be the most productive for the betterment of the community, which in turn ensures that those expected to excel in a certain field are operating in that field and thus moving the needle of progress forward. The Sibyl System’s watch over Japan is what has set this country apart in the Global socio-economic landscape.

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But the Sibyl System’s greatest contribution to Japanese society has to be its ability to determine a person’s tendency for criminal behavior, also known as a crime coefficient. Whenever a person is scanned by The Sybil System and a psycho-pass is generated; that person’s crime coefficient is also displayed by a number within a scale and a color hue. Whenever a person is on the verge of committing a crime the color of their scan begins to cloud, change colors and their coefficient goes up. If their rating passes a certain threshold, they are labeled “latent criminals” and become the objective of The Public Safety Bureau’s Crime Investigation Division.

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Through the many cases regarding latent criminals and the exploration of a Sibyl-governed Japan, Psycho-Pass follows Akane Tsunemori as she joins the Crime Investigation Division as an Inspector. While working alongside Enforcers, latent criminals authorized by Sibyl to uphold the law under an Inspector’s supervision; Akane learns the true cost of this so-called utopian society, the lengths that people will go to satisfy their darkest desires and the truth about Japan’s savior, The Sibyl System.

Filled with intrigue, twists and innovative science fiction storytelling, Psycho-Pass is anime developed by Production I.G. (Attack on Titan, Kuroko No Basket, Dead Leaves, Ghost in The Shell), directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani and Katsuyuki Motohiro. Written by Gen Urobuchi, Psycho-Pass captures the cyber-punk aspects and philosophical tropes that have distinguish great works of cinematic and animated science fiction such as Ghost in the Shell, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Akira and Blade Runner. With stunning animation and character designs by Akira Amano; If you are looking for a thought-provoking and physiological, crime procedural drama with interesting characters, this anime deserves your attention.


Psycho-Pass Season 1-2 are available on streaming services such as Hulu, FunimationNow and Crunchyroll. Psycho-Pass: The Movie is available for rent now and the film anthology Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System was recently release in Japan to a great acclaim; but a U.S. or international release date is yet to be announced. Season 3 is set for release on October 2019. Check out the season 1 trailer below:

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