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In a move that might make The Fanboy Garage co-host Aaron Virola, and many other Star Wars fans very happy, a rumor is floating around from Digital Flix that a 4K blu-ray set is coming for Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The release will come sometime in 2020, presumably around the time Episode IX becomes available for physical release. The original trilogy as well as The Force Awakens have apparently already been completed in 4K, while the prequel trilogy is being worked on currently. The original negatives of the original trilogy are being worked upon, however they appear were in “poor condition”. Work has been done on the set to get them in watchable condition, and Gareth Edwards, the director of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has seen the 4K renditions. According to Digital Flix’s contact though, the renditions have had some improvement.

The remaining issue lies in the prequel trilogy. Episode I was captured on film, and as such can be mastered in 4K without any issues arising. Episodes II and III however, were shot using 2K digital. This means that trying to master them in 4K will be an upscale. Lucasfilm is currently working to try and improve any detail they can, but with limited detail it’s unlikely there will be a significant boost in the quality of the 4K master over the Blu-Ray rendition. Effect shots will be improved if possible, but the live action shots will likely look the same.

Rogue One and Solo, both parts of the “Star Wars Story” realm of movies, will also be rereleased. There has been debate apparently about including them in the box set, so it’s possible they could be included. Disney is trying to make this the “ultimate Star Wars” collection. They’re looking for the best versions of every scene within a combined Lucasfilm and Fox archive. Disney is apparently trying to have up to four discs in the 4K collection, so it’s possible we’ll get two discs of extra material per movie.

Are you excited about the potential for The Skywalker Saga? Will you pick up this boxset if it becomes a reality? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more Star Wars news.

SOURCE: Digital Flix

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